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Wildlife Conservation Projects

The Pennicott Foundation supports a number of wildlife conservation projects, including:

Raptor & Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania – Craig Webb and his team of dedicated volunteers rescue and rehabilitate injured birds through their centre at Kettering. In addition to providing an annual donation, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys is proud to donate vessels to release rehabilitated eagles (pictured) back into their wild habitat. The Raptor Refuge also conducts educational workshops to pass on their knowledge and inspire the next generation.

Tasmanian Albatross Fund – the Tasmanian Albatross Fund has been established within the Pennicott Foundation to support the ongoing monitoring and preservation of Tasmania’s breeding colonies of Shy Albatross.

Fleshy-footed Shearwaters – the Pennicott Foundation has funded University of Tasmania research that endeavours to boost the long-term resilience of Australia’s vulnerable population of Fleshy-footed Shearwaters.

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Appeal – the Pennicott Foundation purchased a centrifuge which will assist in the important research into vaccinating devils against the deadly facial tumour disease.

Roaring Beach Wildlife Rescue – Pennicott Wilderness Journeys also proudly donates towards the Roaring Beach Wildlife Rescue’s efforts to rescue and rehabilitate of injured and orphaned native animals on the Tasman Peninsula.

Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council – funding to establish a statewide wildlife rescue hotline to connect injured wildlife with veterinary help.