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Tasmanian Island Ark

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys has 100% Carbon Offset its operations through Greening Australia for the past nine years. To date, it has contributed over $400,000 which is being spent on biodiversity restoration across Tasmania. These donations have helped Greening Australia to plant over 200,000 trees, offsetting our CO2 emissions more than six times.

The current project is Tasmania Island Ark, which will recreate over 6,000ha of new habitat and relink the land by creating wildlife corridoors that connect the Eastern Tiers to the Central Highlands. Already 1,000ha of native vegetation has been planted in stage 1. Stage 2 has now commenced which will see a further 5,000ha replanted. The project has been specifically designed to enable wildlife to move more easily in search of food, shelter and breeding partners, and allow the land to cope better with the effects of climate change.

Greening Australia is working in partnership with landowners, farmers, artists, schools, the local Aboriginal community and conservation experts to achieve an outcome that is cost effective, provides long-term benefits to landholders and improves overall biodiversity outcomes. University of Tasmania researchers, including 15 PhD candidates, are also involved with the project to maximise the effectiveness of seed selection, wildlife habitat restoration and carbon sequestration.